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We invite you to check our notice board regularly for those all important notices and reminders!
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Lighthouse bullet Wed 01 May 2019 Lighthouse Summer Closure

The Lighthouse will close from 29th July to 2nd August.

Lighthouse bullet Wed 01 May 2019 Key Dates for the Summer Term

Wednesday 24th April – Start of term

Friday 3rd May – Lighthouse request for all OCC funding forms to be returned

Thursday 9th May – Oak Room Open classroom – 4.30pm to 5.30pm

Monday 13th May – Open Day – booked appointments

Tuesday 14th May – Riverside Open classroom – 4.30pm to 5.30pm

Wednesday 15th May – Woodland Open classroom – 4.30pm to 5.30pm

27th May to 1st June – Half term – Seagulls available “Pond Life”

Monday 10th June – Riverside Parents Day

Tuesday 11th June – Woodland Parents Day

Wednesday 12th June – Oak Room Parents Day

Friday 21st June – Open Day – booked appointments

Thursday 18th July – Leavers treat.

Friday 19th July – End of term – 12.15pm finish

22nd to 26th July – Seagulls available

29th July to 2nd August – Lighthouse closed

5th August to 30th August – Seagulls available

Thursday 29th August – Open Field event

4th September – Autumn Term 2019 starts

Lighthouse bullet Wed 24 April 2019 Giving Notice

PLEASE do remember that you have to give written notice if you are planning to leave The Lighthouse. A term’s written notice is required or a forfeit of a term’s fees are due. We cannot assume that because your child is of school age that they will no longer require a place. The Law still remains stating that children do not have to go to ‘school’ until the term after they are five. Also Oxfordshire County Council policy is that a school must keep a place for your child once offered until the Summer term of the reception year. Every child is different. Everyone’s situation is different. Every school is different. So remember what we offer.

Lighthouse bullet Wed 24 April 2019 Spare Clothes

Please ensure your child has spare clothes in their bag. Even big people get wet or have accidents sometimes. Note the seasons change.

Lighthouse bullet Wed 24 April 2019 Car Park

Please can we remind you of the key car parking “rules”:

  • The layout of the car park involves a turning circle and parking spaces. Please park facing the building and trees not parallel to them.
  • Parents are encouraged to drop off quickly allowing other cars space to pull over.
  • Please take great care when manoeuvering especially when reversing out of spaces.
  • Please do not let your children walk unattended in the car park and encourage hand holding as far as possible.
  • Please ALWAYS double latch the gate.
  • Do not park in the farm access track beside the school, this is for STAFF ONLY and possibly on occasion by special arrangement for others eg Parents evening or Open days. Staff park here by arrangement with the farm in order to relieve congestion in the car park.