Montessori nursery child climbing on tyres


Holidays – Seagulls

Themed Holiday Care

Children can attend ‘Seagulls’ at The Lighthouse throughout half-terms and full school holidays (excluding between Christmas and New Year, Bank Holidays and one week during the summer break). We aim to provide a loving warm secure environment in which children can have fun, relax and grow.

The sessions are planned with activities to suit the group. There are times to run and play outside with bikes, bats, balls and more. We have quieter times to listen to stories, etc. There are times to paint, glue, and be creative. We have opportunities for role play, puppets, cooking, music and much, more.

The Seagulls sessions are from 8.00 to 5.30 (children can come later and be collected earlier if required). Half days are available. We are open to all children 1 to 8 years.